Thursday, October 05, 2006

What is 'militant Islam' and what do they want?

A pattern of constant socio-political and spiritual conquest has shaped the Middle East for thousands of years and this past century has been no exception.

After the Allied Powers prevailed in World War II, the United Nations approved the 1947 UN Partition Plan in an attempt to quell anti-Semitic violence and persecution and reconcile Arab and Jewish populations. Rather than establish those solutions, the plan fostered the 1948 Arab-Israeli War and subsequent wars and skirmishes in the region.

In the years since, Palestinians have been offered various agreements, but seem steadfast in a strategy of holding out for the elimination of Israel as a state and recovering the territory for themselves.

Since about 1986, Islamic forces refusing to recognize the state of Israel and opposing Israel's strongest supporters (Great Britain and the United States) have adopted a guerilla warfare tactic that has expanded to global dimensions.

So here is the basis of the enduring conflict between Jews and Muslims:

Q: To whom did God or Allah grant occupation of the Holy Land?

Even as members of the Islamic faith have brutalized and terrorized each other (Shia versus Sunni) they have also targeted infidel (non-Muslim) nations and their peoples for the sake of land (Israel) and political power (Afghanistan, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Pakistan, Somalia, etc.).

The Mangement of Savagery

Cover of "The Management of Savagery"

If there is any doubt about militant Islam's intentions toward Western culture, especially American culture, we recommend a review of "The Management of Savagery." This chilling account of militant Islam's goals and strategies was written as a "strategic study" by an al-Qaida operative, Abu Bakr Naji, and translated from Arabic to English by William McCants.

"The Management of Savagery" (268 pages) can be downloaded from the Web site of the West Point U.S. Military Academy: "Combating Terrorism Center"

The Path for Establishing an Islamic State
- Stages of the priority group (of states):
The stage of the power of "vexation and exhaustion," then the stage of "the administration of savagery," then the stage of "the power of establishment" – establishing the state.

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