Thursday, October 05, 2006

Islam vs. militant Islam

This blog is not intended to slander or pass judgement on all Muslims nor does it serve to blame the entire Islamic faith for modern terrorism.

However, it is unwise for Americans to ignore the fact that radical elements of the global Islamic community are stubbornly motivated by ancient Islamic traditions of socio-political and spiritual conquest.

When we refer to "militant Islam," we refer to terrorists who use guerrilla-like tactics in an attempt to intimidate their enemies into surrender while citing the cause of Islam or scripture from the Quran as justification for their actions. This blog uses "militant" Islam, not the more commonly used "radical" Islam. The root of "radical," oddly enough, is from the Latin word for "root." This could suggest that terrorism is at the root of modern Islamic principles and that is not the message of this blog. The word, "militant," attributes a more appropriate combative nature to this terrorist movement.

Many Americans have a vague but hopeful perception that militant Islam represents a radical minority of the Islamic faith. Although it seems impossible to know for certain, we encourage readers to explore within their own communities whether militant Islam can be overcome with the help of moderate Muslims.

Tempering Perspective With Fair Comparison

Some of the most disturbing elements of Islamic history share parallels with Christianity and other beliefs. Where those conditions exist, we purposely point out or explore those parallels in an attempt to temper the formation of a realistic, unbiased evaluation of militant Islam.

Note: Please review this information with skepticism.
Although we include a list of references from which the vast majority of this information was taken, we urge each reader to explore his or her own resources to determine if this perspective represents a valid assessment of today's conditions.

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