Thursday, October 05, 2006

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Several years after Islamic terrorists killed three thousand innocent civilians and crippled America's economy (but decades after the first modern Islamic terrorist attacks) many Americans still ask themselves:


If you can't answer all of these simple questions ...
  • What Is Islam?

  • How did Islam originate?

  • Who was Muhammad?

  • Why pray toward Mecca?

  • What is the "Caliphate?"

  • What is the "12th Imam?"

  • What is the relationship between ancient Islam and modern Islamic terrorism?

  • What are the two basic ways to defeat Islamic terrorism?

... you must read Militant Islam 101.

After you have absorbed Militant Islam 101, we believe you will:

  1. Recognize that America's present system of counter-terrorism can never really defeat Islamic terrorists, but can only hope to contain and supress them.

  2. Agree that there only two ways to neutralize the threat from militant Islam. One is unthinkable and desperate; the other is peaceful and improbable.

  3. Be prepared to urge the moderate Muslim community to assume a leadership position in staging strong public demonstrations of support for global peaceful co-existence and religious freedom.

We ask readers of "Militant Islam 101" to post comments here to open a dialogue that could identify additional options not yet considered for the actual defeat of militant Islam - not appeasement; not management.


Anonymous said...

AS much as I would love to think that the mind of my fellow humans worked like mine, and reason could prevail, I have come to the conclusion that it doesn't matter who these radical Muslims are fighting, just as long as they are fighting. They enjoy killing each other just as much as a westerner.

At this point, we would be better off, both economical and emotional, to pull out of the middle east all together and let them kill each other. Stop buying their oil and rely on bio fuels we grow ourselves to run our cars. The oil we still need for plastics and lubricants, etc, we can get from our own sources or anywhere else in the world besides the middle east. Once we stop pumping billions of US dollars into their economy, they might just find a different enemy to focus on...

Anonymous said...

economic warfare against the islamic oil states is certainly the way to go. You Americans have vast amounts of winds blowing across your country, but how much of your electricity is wind generated? most of it is oil fired power. That's one thing you can do.

Fuel for cars is a seperate question but most energy used in Western countries is electricity for homes and business. Start there and use wind power. Even if the price per unit is higher, pay it and be free of the muslim oil trap.

Stop thinking about money for once and start thinking of yourselves as a nation of people, not a nation of shoppers.

mike davis

Lance said...

Got the INFIDEL T-Shirt today. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Many radical muslims criticize the US middle east foreign policy. This is just used as an excuse because how many muslims living in the middle east who call for the destruction of Isreal and the United States can say that they are open to the idea of NOT hating?
The only way for there to be peace is for BOTH sides to be willing to find a middle ground. The US is willing to but I dont think radical islamic terrorists want to have peace.