Thursday, October 05, 2006

You Can Wage Peace on Islam

"All politics is local."
~ Former U.S. House Speaker Thomas "Tip" O'Neill

"Think globally; act locally."
~ Author unknown

One course of action for individuals who are concerned about the designs of conquest on the part of militant Islam is to write to local mosques and ask for their participation and public condemnation of terrorist activities. The more letters local Islamic leaders receive, the more likely they are to contribute to efforts to stop militant Islamic terrorism.

To find the addresses of local mosques use a telephone directory or an Internet search.

NO mosques in your area? Click here:
EMAIL the Council on American-Islamic Relations

DISTRIBUTE free information to Muslims
Ask Islamic leaders to sponsor a public anti-terrorism rally:

FREE FLYER - "Wage Peace On Islam"

Sample letter to the Islamic community

Here is a sample letter some citizens are using to invite a dialogue with the Islamic community:

Dear Islamic Neighbors:

The region of our planet that is the birthplace of your faith is under siege by terrorists who insist that Americans convert to Islam or be slaughtered. These terrorists point to the Qur'an as the source of justification for their heinous actions.

Do most Muslims agree that it is God's will to make jihad to restore the Caliphate, force non-Muslims to convert to Islam, or slaughter thousands of innocent people by commandeering commercial aircraft or bombing public places? If not, where are the emphatic public demonstrations of law-abiding Muslims to condemn the fascists who subvert your faith?

If these bloodthirsty killers are NOT following Islamic tenets, is it not incumbent upon the peaceful followers of Muhammad to publicly distinguish themselves from terrorist groups and condemn the use of the Qur'an to justify terrorism?

Americans see crowds of people in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran, and elsewhere across the world publicly celebrating attacks like those of September 11, 2001 or dancing with glee as the burning, beheaded corpse of an American civilian dangles from a rope on a bridge.

If the Islamic community in America does not assertively, publicly, overwhelmingly condemn such perverse acts, how can non-Muslims distinguish Islamic fascists from peace-loving Muslim bretheren? How can terrorists know that they lack the support of their peaceable Muslim bretheren? Will we ever see massive public demonstrations in support of the fatwa against terror, announced in July of 2005?

As you may know, current military counter-terrrorism efforts and rules of engagement can only suppress, not defeat terrorism. To peacefully establish lasting religious tolerance and coexistance, militant Islamic terrorists must be defeated from within the Islamic community.

Please act now! Surely any news media would be very receptive to a request from your office for coverage of a public demonstration of what is in your minds and hearts.


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Michael L. Kurihara said...

This is a very informative site, and I hope it will spread awareness everywhere as well as encourage non-mulsim and peaceful muslim cooperation against terrorism. Something I'd like to add to "You Can Wage Peace on Islam" is a suggestion to not only contact muslim leaders and churched, but to also contact local/regional/state/federal political leaders, as they are in a position to take action. We the non-muslim people, the peaceful muslim community, and our elcted offials must all work together to silence the threat of Islamic terrorism. Terrorism can only be powerful when everyone fears it, but when everyone stands united against it, it's powerless.
Take the Iraqi elections that were held in January of 2005 for example, citizens marched the streets to their voting polls facing the possibility of terror attacks, but many Iraqis took that chance and the insurgency was silenced for that day. Let us learn from that historic day and stand up to the terrorists no matter what they do or threaten to do.
Some information I'd like to add is the fact that Islam is the fastest growing religion not only in the U.S., but the world as well. Islam has quite a bit of world political power as 57 out of the 191 General Assembly seats in the UN is represented by Islamic nations. 57 seats, that's almost 30% of the UN General Assembly seats; that's a very large proportion. Also, there are talks of expanding the UN Security Council from 5 nations to 7 nations. One of the two new seats is projected to be filled by an Islamic nation, the other seat may possibly be Venezuela.
Anyway, that's all I'd like to add to this. This is a great site and I hope everyone who reads the site's information learns something from it.

~Michael L. Kurihara